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Mys Khaoyai

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Khaoyai, Thailand

Hotel Mys Khao Yai

Architectural design approach is to emphasize the identity of the hotel location. Thanarat road is well-known for the image as the main road that leads into the forest of Khao Yai National Park as an invitation ‘into the Woods’.

The idea is to offer a new user experience (UX) on the concept of ‘Elevated Ground Floor’ in which hotel guests can leisuring through the rush landscape to reach their room. Every guest room is like a small forest cabin in itself. Therefore all rooms are suite rooms equipped with living area, bathroom ensuite, balcony and trees.

The design urges all guests to be exposed to nature to the fullest with a high standard of luxury living. The sky acrylic pool with a clear view of the mountain offers the glimpse of being part of nature. As a twist of an excitement, guests are swimming in the cantilevered pool structure as if they are swimming into the sky.

With only 24 keys, the hotel Mys is exclusively designed for private events with a central plaza that leads to the pool terrace as an altar. Suitable for a cozy party of family and friends or special event.

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